Montana Secretary of State

Job Description

The Secretary of State for Montana is one of the elected constitutional officers of executive branch of the state of Montana. The Secretary of State is the keeper of the Montana state seal, and also serves on the Montana Board of Land Commissioners, which administers school trust lands.    The Montana Secretary of State Records Center, located in Helena, shares the duty of archiving official state e-mails with an archivist who reports to the Governor.


The Secretary of State's Office is composed of five divisions:

  • The Administrative Rules Services Division is the administrative law arm of the Secretary's office, filing rule notices, rule adoptions, and interpretations, and publishing the state register twice a month. The state's code of regulations, the Administrative Rules of Montana, is updated quarterly.
  • The Business Services Division registers business entities, trademarks, assumed business names, and liens made under the Uniform Commercial Code and Federal Food Security Act.
  • The Certification and Notaries Division licenses and trains notaries public and certifies documents.
  • The Elections and Government Services division administers elections and voter registration. Campaign finance and lobbying is regulated by a separate agency, the Commissioner of Political Practices.
  • The Records Management Bureau maintains the records of state and local governments.

Important Dates

Montana is holding an election for Secretary of State on November 3, 2020. The primary is scheduled for June 2, 2020. The filing deadline is March 9, 2020. 

Democratic Candidates

Republican Candidates

  • Bowen Greenwood
  • Christi Jacobsen
  • Brad Johnson
  • Kurt Johnson
  • Forrest Mandeville
  • Scott Sales

Independent Candidates

  • None yet