Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Job Description

The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is the state education agency of Montana.  The agency is headquartered in Helena.  The people of Montana have elected a State Superintendent of Instruction as one of the five members of the Executive Branch since 1889.  By law, the State Superintendent has general supervision of the K-12 public schools and districts.  The State Superintendent also serves as a member of the Land Board, the State Library Commission, and as an ex officio non-voting member of the Board of Public Education, the Board of Regents for the University System, and the Board of Education whose mission statement is to provide "vision, advocacy, support and leadership for schools and communities to ensure that all students meet today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities."

Important Dates

Montana is holding an election for  Superintendent of Public Instruction on November 3, 2020. The primary is scheduled for June 2, 2020. The filing deadline is March 9, 2020.

Democratic Candidates

Republican Candidates

  • Elsie Arntzen (Incumbent) 

Independent Candidates

  • Kevin Leatherbarrow  - Libertarian