Montana State Senate District 30

Job Description

The Montana Senate is the upper house of the Montana State Legislature, the state legislative branch of Montana. The body is composed of 50 senators.  Montanans elect half of the 50 members every 2 years.   State senators serve 4 year terms creating and ratifying state laws and regulations.  Their work closely mirrors that of legislators in the U.S. Senate only on a smaller, state level.  State senators debate, vote on bills and work in committees.    The Montana Constitution dictates that the legislature meet in regular session for no longer than 90 days in each odd-numbered year.  The primary work of the legislature is to pass a balanced biennial budget which must then be approved by the Governor.  If the Governor vetoes a bill, the legislature may override the veto by a two-thirds vote.  

Important Dates

John Esp was elected to this seat in 2018.  His term will end and the seat will again come up for election in 2022.

Democratic Candidates


Republican Candidates

  • John Esp (Incumbent)

Independent Candidates